Hello from Ellie

Ellie was founded in 2013 in Wisconsin, in the United States of America. Recognizing a need for a different approach, our founders, Dr. Miladin Kostovic, Mr Vladimir Vucic and Ms Sandra Cortes, set out to provide a fresh approach to analytics and research in the field. At its inception, our founder's leveraged their knowledge of food safety and animal health in order to develop a comprehensive suite of diagnostic tools and equipment.

Since then, Ellie has grown and developed a variety of new technologies. During the course of our research, it became evident that there existed a serious gap in the market. Time and time again, we saw diagnostic labs with technology that was vastly inferior to what was available in conceptual research, and even in finished products. This is where the direction of Ellie was forged; our goal became to bring high-end and sophisticated technology to the common laboratory setting. As Ellie has grown, this guiding principle has led us forward in our development.

Built on the concurrent realization that diagnostic equipment has certain universal qualities, we have expanded our equipment and research to provide analytical solutions in the fields of animal health, medicine, and food safety. Our technology stands apart as unique in its wide applicability. From the beginning, we realized that our company would develop most effectively with experience from all over the world. That is why our focus has always been on developing an international team of talented engineers, researchers, and manufacturers. Our employees, partners, and distributors have always been the our greatest resources, and our most important relationships.

Already in 2013, Ellie made a major step forward. We reached a permanent arrangement with Diachemix LLC and took over the licensing for all products, patents, and other intellectual property. We continue to support this body of work, in addition to offering our own suite of products based on our innovations in fluorescence polarization.

In a very short time, Ellie has become a self-sustaining company with an ambitious vision; to provide our clients with an ability to grow their human and technical resources using exceptional research and the best tools on the market. We are passionate about the work we do, and excited to share our vision of advanced analytical technology with the world. This is the goal at the heart of Ellie Laboratories.