Hello from Ellie

Ellie is a young biotechnology company incorporated in the State of Wisconsin, United States of America. The basic idea when we started the company was to develop diagnostic test kits for food safety and animal health because this was a background of company founders.

Over the years, through our experiences, we have witnessed a development of many different technologies that were not particularly successful in commercialization, despite the excellent potential. Also working with many companies we knew that what we see in diagnostic labs are useful but low end technologies compared to what is already available as concepts, even finished technologies. We have inserted Ellie in this area and gave it a task to bring high end technologies down to common laboratory setting. Down the road, when Ellie becomes larger and capable company, we will develop completely new technologies on our own.

Realizing that diagnostic tool has universal character and can be applied in any field, we have decided to provide diagnostics in different areas, animal health, medical field and also in food safety. After all, technology is the same.

Early on we have realized that talented people are not concentrated only in the developed world. This is why Ellie from the very beginning is employing and working with talents all over the world. This brings a stream of different ideas and 'out of the box' attitude.

In very short time, Ellie has become a self sustainable company with nucleus which provides human and technological resources for future growth. We are very excited with the work we do and we are anxious to reach everyone who wants to seek new technologies to advance analytical capabilities in every kind of diagnostic and research work. This is our goal.

In 2013 Ellie has made a permanent arangement with Diachemix® LLC and has licensed from Diachemix® all products, product licenses, patents and other intelectual property and is continuing to provide instruments and tests based on Fluorescence Polarization Technology.